Support for NOPD

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The New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation strives to support the dedicated men and women of the New Orleans Police Department.  We recognize that being an officer is a challenging job and we would like to express our deep gratitude to every individual who wears the badge to protect and serve the citizens of our city.

A core component of NOPJF's mission is to support the NOPD and its individual officers by serving as the steward of voluntary gifts, grants from businesses, philanthropies, individuals and government to fund programs that directly support NOPD. Some examples of our recent activities to this end include:


TrainingIn the last year NOPJF provided training to over 200 officers in topics including investigation, report-writing, courtroom testimony, interview and interrogation, and community-based problem solving. 

In the coming year we plan to ramp up our training program to help NOPD comply with the Department of Justice Consent Decree and to ensure every officer lives up to his or her full potential as a force for good in our community.




In response to NOPD's current manpower shortage, NOPJF is working directly with NOPD executives to kick-start a new campaign focused on recruiting high-quality candidates to offset attrition and rebuild its ranks. Most recently NOPJF launched - a targeted, state of-the-art online marketing campaign and website.

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Crimeview sUnder the Orleans Parish Information Sharing and Integrated Systems (OPISIS) initiative, NOPJF implements cutting-edge software solutions to aid police investigations and enable data-driven decision making. 

One example is the Omega Crime Analysis System, purchased and implemented in 2011 as a cooperative effort between NOPJF and NOPD. Omega imports 911 calls and incident data to provide NOPD with powerful real-time crime mapping and trend-analysis capabilities. NOPD commanders use the system on a daily basis to deploy resources and respond to emerging crime patterns. The system includes an easy-to-use public website that allows citizens to track crime occurring within their own communities, available at Click here to find out more...


Officers hugging smallNOPJF believes that the community bears a responsibility to support the men and women sworn to protect and serve the public. Support programs boost morale, improve retention and express our gratitude to officers for the sacrifices and risks they face daily in the line of duty.

NOPJF’s Tuition Assistance Program reimburses NOPD officers for a portion of the cost of out-of-pocket university expenses such as tuition and text books.

The NOPD Tragedy Fund is set aside for NOPD employees and their families when an officer experiences a loss of life or significant injury. Since 2003 over $130,000 has been paid out to seriously injured officers or their families.

In addition to these programs, NOPJF acts as steward for private donations to purchase the equipment, supplies and other support officers need to cary out their daily duties.